Introducing: The Superior Man Masonic Wear

The Superior Man Masonic Wear

Inspired by teachings from Confucius, The ideology of The Superior Man isn’t to necessarily be better than your fellow man, but to be better than your former and present self. Perfection is the goal, so chisel away Brethren. The Superior Man Masonic Wear is a non profit store in which all profits go to fund the charitable endeavors of Kelvyn Park Willing Lodge #1075 A.F.A.M., Chicago, IL. Thank you for your support! Travel Light and in style. SMIB.











KPWL Children’s Book Drive



We will be collecting gently used children’s books at our April 1st and 15th meetings.

Many of us have kids that have either outgrown or are willing to part ways with some of their books. Please take the time to ask your kids if they wouldn’t mind giving their books to other kids who might enjoy them as much as they have. If you don’t have any gently used book, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you picked up a brand new book and donated that as well.

Chicago Children’s Center for Behavioral Health and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Chicago have both graciously agreed to accept our donation to share with children in need.

If you can’t make one of our next two meetings but would still like to be a part of the book drive, please contact Bro. Drummond Sanchez to make other arrangements.

Any questions or comments can be directed to:

Bro. Drummond Sanchez

From Father To Son – A Talk About Santa

Allow me to preface this blog entry by saying that in no shape or form am I a writer or story teller, and this is not about Masonry… Or is it? Masonry is about more than just meetings and ritual… It’s about life. Being better men. Being better fathers. So allow me to share a recent story in my life…



The other day I was driving home from the barber shop with my oldest son Isaiah. He recently turned 11 and has been telling his mother that he knows Santa Clause isn’t “real”. So I decided I’d ask him about it.


As I started to drive I said to him “So your mother tells me you don’t believe in Santa anymore…”.


He sat there silent.


I then proceeded to ask “Why not?”


He replied “It’s impossible.”


“What’s impossible about it?”


“No one lives for over 500 years.”


“Is that it? THAT’S the reason you don’t believe anymore?”


“Plus it’s impossible to go to all those houses in one night.”


“Don’t you believe in magic? Don’t you believe in miracles? Once upon a time people said it was impossible the world was round. Once upon a time people said it was impossible for people to fly, now we have planes. If you would have described an iPad to someone 20 years ago they would have said impossible. But someone believed…”


“Reindeer don’t even fly”.


Reindeer don’t even fly. That was his closing argument. At the beginning I wasn’t sure where I was going with this conversation. I wasn’t sure if I could sway him back into believing in Santa or if it was time to confirm what he already knew. “Reindeer don’t even fly”. That was the point of no return to my Santa is real hopes.


Isaiah is my oldest child, so this is the first time I’ve had to have one of these types of talks. I felt it was important for him to understand Santa as I understand Santa. I didn’t want to just ignore it like “Oh well, he doesn’t believe anymore.” I wanted to talk to him about it. So I continued on.


“What if I told you I still believe in Santa?” I said.


He stayed quiet.


“I do.” I insisted.


“Why? It’s not real.” he replied.


“What if I told you I believe in Santa, but in a different way than you’ve been taught to believe in Santa?”


I caught a glimpse of him in the rear view mirror as I finished saying that and he looked intrigued.


“What do you mean?” he asked.


“Do you know what symbols are?”


Now let me tell you this, Isaiah is a very intelligent boy who spends much of his time reading books about astronomy and earth sciences. So I knew he knew what symbols were, but I wasn’t sure if he could give me the definition I was looking for.


“Yeah” he replied


“Tell me what symbols are. What is the definiton of a symbol” I said somewhat doubtedly.


“A picture or illustration used to represent something” he said without hesitation.



I was somewhat shocked and proud of his definition. Dead on what I was looking for and what I was getting at.


“Exactly. Give me some examples.” I said.




As he was gathering his thoughts I said “That octogan sign over there. That’s a symbol for stop.”


“Oh yeah .”


“What about a cross? That’s a symbol right?”


“Yeah” he replied.


I then gave a brief description of what the cross symbolizes. I told him I have a strong connection to some symbols. I then brought the conversation back to Santa.


“What if I told you the reason I believe in Santa is because he is a symbol. He’s not some old man that brings you presents. He’s more.” I said.


“He’s a symbol?” he asked.


“I think so. That’s how I see him. A symbol for the spirit of giving. Of being kind and generous. For loving one another.”


“So he’s a symbol for Christmas spirit?”


“Yes. Exactly. What if I told you people make up this symbol of an old man who brings joy because it’s hard to explain to someone like your 5 year old brother Nathaniel what Christmas spirit is, so we make it a symbol. That’s why I tell you I believe in Santa”.


“Can’t you just say it and kids will understand when they get older?”


“Sure. But it’s important to have imagination as well. Do you remember when you were your brothers age and getting excited for Santa? It was magical because you believed.”


“Yeah” he replied. I couldn’t see him but I could hear the smile on his face as he said it.


Being the huge science buff he is, I proceeded by asking this question:


“Do you know who Albert Einstein is?”


“Yeah of course.” he said, but how he said it was like “duhhhh”.


“Brilliant man. One of the most influential men in science. Theory of relativity. Speed of light. This guy had theories about things that we are just now smart enough and have the technology to prove correct. He knew it way back then. That’s the guy right? He knew almost everything about science right?”




“Having all of that knowledge, all those books you read, it’s important right?”




“I’ve told you this before, but I’m big on quotes. I like to read quotes from people much wiser than myself. Let me share a quote from the brilliant Albert Einstein… ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. One of my favorites. Do you know what he meant?”


Sounding baffled he replied “No. Why would imagination be more important?”


“Because without imagination we would know the world isn’t round. We would know we can’t fly places. We would know ipads don’t exist. They are impossible. All knowledge is is what we think we know to be true. Imagination challenges what we know and makes new truths. Imagination invents new ways to make our lives better. Imagination cures diseases that are impossible to cure. Imagination is important. Never stop believing.”


He got it. I could see the wheels turning. He grasped what I was trying to get across. I then shared a story about when I was around his age and how I felt it was important for my younger siblings to still believe in Santa. I told him I needed his help to make sure they still believe. He seemed eager to make that happen when before this car ride home he felt intent on spoiling it for them. Mission accomplished… Almost. There was still one more thing I wanted to get a cross to him. The most important message of them all. So I began to conclude with the following:


“So now you know, it isn’t Santa who brings you gifts. They come from us, your family. So with that said, instead of thanking Santa, there is one person you should be thanking instead. Do you know who?”


Fully prepared to hear him say “You.”, he didn’t. He said the one thing I was preparing to explain to him. The entire point of this talk.


He replied “God.”


I can’t say I’ve ever been more proud in my life. He gets it. He understands. The boy who has been taught to believe in Santa, the boy who loves science, he still knew who to truly be thankful to.


“Yes. Yes. Yes. We have to thank God because he gives me the strength to go to work everyday and the ability to make the money that buys the gifts.”


I proceeded to reiterate Christmas spirit and brotherly love to him as we parked. I could see him looking up at the sky out the window. He got it.



Merry Christmas to all.






Feeding from the East – Introspection


Introspection originates from  the words “intro” (meaning within)  and “specto” (which is Latin for look).
By looking into the roots of the word, you can define introspection as the act of “looking within.”
Diving further into the definition, we discover it is the act of thinking


about your own actions and inner thoughts.

When you examine what you do, say, think or feel you begin to discover how these actions effect your life and the lives of others.
Thereby searching inside with introspection, you begin to discover and understand yourself.
As brethren of this fraternity,  we are constantly reminded to “know thy self”.
Self examination and evaluation can be thought of as a MIRROR… A modern day working tool not to be used to spectate personal glamor, shallow beauty, or cosmetic coverings – but a device to purge yourself in preparation for that which defines the workman and his work.
-WB Eric N. Betts

Feeding from the East – Know thySELF

Know  thySELF

When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

It’s our goal and desire as brethren of this fraternity to become comfortable with each other… That doesn’t mean to be an acquaintance.

It doesn’t mean I have to stand “naked” before my brother, but I can make an effort to lower the walls of personal privacy and trust that my brother will keep the hidden mysteries of my personal life veiled deep within his heart, locked within the integrity of that key of accountability made of flesh…. the tongue.

However, before I can trust you to be accountable, I must first hold myself accountable. … To trust, you must first be trustworthy.

Know thySELF.

-WB Eric N. Betts

KPWL 2014 Table Lodge Proccedings

2014 Table Lodge will be held on Wednesday October 1st.

La Villa Banquets
3632 North Pulaski Road
Chicago, Illinois 60641

Cash Refreshments from 6pm-645
645-730 Table Lodge Proceedings
Dinner 730pm

All you can eat family style dinner consisting of salad, beef, chicken, veggies, potatoes and dessert.

$35 per person. Advanced payment is required. RSVP no later than Sept 20th

Price includes a unique commemorative gift.

Purchase your tickets through the link below, or contact the secretary Shawn direct at to arrange other arrangements.